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The Bulut Joiner’s Clamp Company began trading on the industry of clamp tools in Ankara. The company, founded by Ahmet Seyfi Bulut, has manufactured clamps products for furniture, steel construction, ceramics, and yachting etc. since 1973.

The company, establishing a strong and dynamic marketing team, has worked to continuously improve the range of products by the sale of clamps, elements of Fikssan and Doğusan clamps all across Turkey, particularly Ankara.

As a reliable and rapidly progressive company the Bulut Joiner’s Clamp Manufactory has constantly improved itself by using the latest manufacturing technology. The company certainly does not compromise in providing the plenty of variety, quality
of service, high stock and timely delivery. Further, it puts current products at disposal of its customers by continuously folio wing innovations and by associating them with high quality.

Since 1973, we have considered our valued customers as a business partner and established a trust relationship among us during our journey. We wish all our business partners a lot of success in work.

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